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Library Services

List three programs and three services that are not offered by your library that you find interesting. These do not have to be core programs or services.
Do you think these programs and services would be good additions to the programs and services offered by your library? Why or why not?
How do they support the mission and goals of your library?
Again this week we are discussing the library we chose at the start of the class. As a refresher, I’m looking at the Nashville Public Library. I was initially looking at just the main branch, but in my research, I found that programs and services offered by the library can be provided at different branches throughout the county. Because I don’t frequent the library and I’ve been able to find everything that I need from them I decided to reach out to my coworkers to see what their thoughts were.

One of the people was thinking along the lines of her daughter and what she would like to see for her. She recalled growing up here and having more programs in the library that was for younger kids but still appealed to them as they got older. She explained to me that the library’s branch that she visits children’s section has tiny tables and is decorated to be more appealing to toddlers. I find it interesting that the library doesn’t have more of a diverse children’s section but I can understand if they are serving more of a younger population. I do think that it would be a service that would be an excellent addition to the library. I think having that option would directly be in line with the library’s mission, “Inspire Reading, Advance Learning, and Connect our Community.”

After speaking with her, I decided to look more into what options may or may not be available for teens at the library. I found that while the library does have some pretty cool programs for the teens in the community, however, there aren’t many options along the like of literacy within the public library itself. I think if they offered some program as I participated in called Books Buddies. In Book Buddies high school volunteers read books with elementary school students for an hour helping them learn to read. This program to me helps build a community, helps promote literacy in young children and teens as well as advanced learning.

Another person I spoke with discussed with me that while her branch offers a book club the hours an inconvenient. Having a book club with more hours available for patrons will most likely get more people to be interested in participating. I think if this were available it would be in line with the libraries mission on connecting to the community. Book clubs have often given people opportunities to connect with like-minded people as well as people that may have different views from them. I feel like in the long run this ultimately has a positive impact on the community.

Again please comment and give me feed back.


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2 thoughts on “Library Services

  1. My library system in California exceeded county lines, meaning they allowed anyone living in the San Joaquin Valley (several hundred miles) to use any of those branches. Moving to Tennessee I did not (until recently) have that option. I am now able to obtain a card from an adjacent county. I would like to see a statewide system of libraries to use one account system for patrons in the state. If I’m traveling, finish my book, & want to drop it off 200 miles from my local branch, I would like to have the ability to do so & browse that library with the option to borrow material.

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