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Specialized Programs

The Nashville Public Library has dozens of programs and services that are offered for the community. Some of my favorite programs offered are directed towards youth to build literacy and to the teens to help prepare them for life. Throughout my research, for this blog post, I found my favorite specialized program to be for the teens. The program that is offered for the teens is called Studio NPL. In this program the students from ages of 12-18 use technology as their primary source of learning. In the program, the students are being prepared to live in our 21-century technology world. Studio NPL uses one of my favorite programs STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) and digital literacy to help prepare them for careers in the future. My favorite thing about this program is that it allows students to be able to explore all of their passions and figure out what paths they would like to go down. I feel that having a program like Studio NPL would be a good fit for a library program I would personally build because like I’ve stated before I feel like teens tend to get left behind in the literary world. I think this program would be great in a low-income community that I plan to serve because it can help those children prepare themselves to be confident enough to get themselves out of bad situations.

While researching other libraries I found a library in Colorado that offers teens volunteer and career opportunities. I know there are other libraries that do this as well but it’s just like how cool is that to be able to teach them so young on how to work… My first job in high school was a bookstore and look where I am now! This would be another great program to have in my bookstore/library especially if I have kids grow up in my programs from a young age. Another library I looked at has a specialized area for the teens to visit. Like stated in another post a parent told me one of the things she wished the library had was a better vibe for her daughter as she gets older. I agree with having libraries have areas that are more inviting to teens to transition them from the children’s department to the adults. Like I’ve said a million times over we’re supposed to be promoting a lifetime of learning and literacy so to me these programs fit the missions of the libraries.

What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite specialized programs offered at your libraries and what would you like to see?

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