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“Tooting my own horn” is something that I find it pretty hard to do in most instances. I’m not a big fan of talking about myself, probably because I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished what I’ve wanted to in life just yet. I do feel like when it comes to doing my future business known I’m going to have to do work to promote myself. As I discussed in my previous post (I’ll post the link below) all the social media pages I currently use allow me to encourage my pages for a small fee across their platforms. When it comes to promoting my future bookstore/library, I feel I would find it easier than pushing myself. I plan on having my programs be a stable of my community which would help me I have to do what it takes to make that happen.

I find using Instagram, and Facebook’s promotion tools for my accounts would be the most useful in my current situation. Being able to get online and fill out what I want for my promotion and how long as they do the rest. For me having such a busy schedule at the moment it’s the best way to get things done. In the past, I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram and see a post from accounts I didn’t follow and then see that they were promotions from that account. I can say that these promotions have definitely gotten me to click on pages, to websites and then to follow or even purchase products.

I also discuss in my previous post about tagging which I know has brought people to this page and my Instagram page as well. I think tagging has some skills to it for them to get traffic to the accounts. A person using tagging has to have consistency in their tags as well as diversity. Having consistency gives your current follows a sense of security knowing what they’re going to get from you while variety in your tags can bring new people to the bunch.

I think for myself in my current standing with media for The Tattooed Librarian I have been doing a good job promoting my pages on some formats. For the Tattooed Librarian, I have been using tags on Instagram getting more people but not so much on WordPress where it all started! I think I could also stand to give my pages some paid promotions to get a kickstart on things.

Would you guys like to see me do some more promoting?

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